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Beautifully handcrafted fur felt hats, made to the highest quality, for long lasting wear.

Luxurious wares, inspired by the Australian rural lifestyle

    Meet the Maker

    Hello, my name is Shona and I am a custom hat maker.

    Growing up as a dressmakers daughter, creativity, design and inspiration was all around.

    Many hours were spent under the pattern book table at Lincraft, standing as still as you could for a fitting and watching Mum and Aunty Jullee create masterpieces from beautiful fabrics.

    My obsession with hats came at a young age. Eventually, Mum went to TAFE to study millinery to keep up with my ever growing list of hats and fascinators I needed for important events such as weddings.

    Like many things in life, my love of hats took a back seat for many years until I moved to the beautiful Bega Valley.

    A very good friend, rarely venturing out of the house without her felt hat on, had me searching for the perfect felt hat of my own.

    The love affair was reignited.

    Under the watchful eye of Mum, I blocked my first felt. That felt gave me so much grief.

    The brim was wobbly, the crown alittle uneven, but I was completely taken by the process.

    Ofcourse, my hat making improved and in time I began making hats for family and friends.

    Now, I am so fortunate to be able to make beautiful, traditionally made hats for many.

    I love knowing when I send a hat off, the wearer is going to take it on adventures, it will mold to them, become like a well worn friend. Keep them dry in a storm, and shaded on a hot summers day.

    That is alittle of my story...thanks for visiting

    xx Shona

    PS. The photo above is me, in my very first felt hat I made